The Pillsbury Doughboy

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  • Posted by k1ndl3

A long time ago while working in the photography store, A customer and I were chatting, and they happened to have photos of a Santa sleigh with flamingos and a large Pillsbury Doughboy Styrofoam figure in it.

I asked what the story behind this was, and they said someone in the neighborhood had the doughboy and put it in someone’s yard in a goofy setup. Then that person took it and made something different with him in another’s yard. Then it went to another, and another, sort of going round robin, with each neighbor trying to outdo the last with a creative or goofy setup.

No one knew when or where the doughboy would appear, and it was always a surprise when he did make an appearance in someone’s yard display.

I asked the client, the next time they were able to get their hands on the doughboy, if I could borrow it for a few days. They said it could be arranged, but they had to wait until whomever had it, put it in their yard. I said that was fine, and then pretty much forgot about it.

Several months later, my client came in and said they had the doughboy in their car, but I could only have it for two days. I could do whatever I wanted with it as long as it came back in the same condition. I readily agreed and took possession.

I was able to spend the next two days driving around with the doughboy in my truck, photographing him in various locations around Erie, County. Into businesses, with even the Girard Boro Police and the Erie, PA fire department enjoying the process.  In addition, several friends who owned local businesses were also happy to help.

I managed to get the doughboy back in one piece, even though it looks like he lost his head once or twice, back to the owner. I told them the next time they stopped in, I would have photos for them as a thank you.

They stopped by a few days later and they totally enjoyed the photos. They told me they had thought of a plan. They were going to take one of each different photo, make copies and put them into different mailboxes, so that each neighbor involved with the doughboy would get a different photo. Not knowing where they came from or who took them. I thought this was a great idea to add to the mystery, and to get people talking.

Well, It’s been 20 years or so, and I came across the photos on a hard drive after a computer rebuild, so I thought it was as good of a time as any to publish the results. These were done fast and for fun, so they really aren’t up to my normal standards, but I enjoy them all the same and hope my viewers will as well. Unfortunately, I never found out the results of the neighborhood photo deposits. I always wondered if everyone finally got together to see the entire set.

Well, if someone stumbles upon these pages, maybe they will finally get to see them and remember a fun time was had by all.